Sweaty palms

Sweaty palms: how to get rid of them

If your sweaty hands are on your mind all day long, you can consider some solutions. Reducing the impact of anxiety, using effective products, and preparing an emergency kit can make your daily life easier.

How do you avoid extending a sweaty hand to your possible future employer during a job interview? And how to hide his sweaty hand in case of new encounters? People who suffer from excessive sweating of the hands , called hyperhidrosis , ask themselves this type of question all day long. This embarrassing problem has a significant impact on the daily lives of the people concerned . Fortunately, there are solutions to reduce perspiration and…take things in hand.

Limit anxiety

One of the main triggers for sweaty hands is being afraid of sweating your hands . With the exception of medical causes, which aren’t very common, almost everyone with sweaty palms also suffers from some form of anxiety , explains the She Knows website . The glands that produce sweat are triggered by stress, and produce perspiration on the hands and feet. You can try techniques like meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga and sophrology, as well as psychotherapy , to eliminate the problem at the source.

Use products

Antiperspirants , such as those used for the armpits, can help limit sweating on the hands. These are generally specific creams available in pharmacies. As a last resort, a doctor may consider Botox injections , but this technique is criticized for the possible nerve and vascular damage it can cause. Other less extreme treatments are available , do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

Prepare a kit

If treatments are not an option, and if the meditation session does not always fit your schedule, prepare an “emergency kit”. You can slip in hydro-alcoholic gel , which dries your hands in an emergency. Provide paper handkerchiefs , and opt for cotton clothes on which you can discreetly wipe your hands. In winter, choose gloves made of natural fibers and avoid synthetic fabrics, which increase perspiration and skin irritation.

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