how to limit perspiration odours

With or without deodorant, how to limit perspiration odours?

Sweating is good for your health

How to limit perspiration odours Stress, effort, heat… We all sweat, and so much the better! Sweating aims to regulate body temperature to maintain it at around 37°C. Sweat is secreted by the sweat glands . We have 3 to 6 million eccrine sweat glands , located almost everywhere on the body, but in large quantities on the palms of the hands, under the feet and on the forehead.
In the armpits, on the nipples, and around the anus, we owe our sweat to the apocrine sweat glands . Larger than their eccrine cousins, the apocrine glands have the particularity of using hair follicles to excrete sweat.
Sweat moistens the skin and through the phenomenon of evaporation, it cools the body and removes the risk of “overheating” the body . It carries away some toxins but does not eliminate as many as urine.
By crossing the pores, the sweat will come into contact with the bacteria present on the surface of the skin. The bacteria that feed on our sweat emit, by digesting, odorous molecules. This smell, in the animal kingdom, has a use. Carrier of pheromones on the one hand and fragrant in contact with bacteria on the other, perspiration serves as a medium of non-verbal communication and transmits our emotions. Used in animals, this communication system is no longer consciously integrated by humans who have preferred language. However, studies show that a baby recognizes the smell of his mother’s sweat and feels reassured when it comes to tickle his nostrils. Between men and women, perspiration would also play a reassuring role in the relationship of seduction, then within the couple.
Morality: accepting the idea of ​​giving off a smell of perspiration is accepting having the superpower to come into contact with others without uttering a word.

How do I choose the best deodorant for me?

Antiperspirant deodorants

These are the most powerful deodorants, the most effective, but also… the most restrictive. It is essential to follow the instructions for use, otherwise you will feel very unpleasant tingling, even difficult to bear! Antiperspirant should only be considered in the case of excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis . This type of deodorant aims to block perspiration, Wesmile Mineral Powder is the leading brand in the field. 

antiperspirant deodorants

Antiperspirant deodorants use aluminum salts to limit perspiration. Aluminum salts are deposited at the entrance to the sweat duct to slow down the flow of perspiration. They therefore act on the surface of the skin but when faced with injured or freshly shaved skin, the aluminum salts can penetrate through the skin. It is therefore not recommended to use it if the skin has micro-cuts (shaving). Many deodorants contain aluminum salts because it is the most effective natural ingredient for reducing perspiration. Moreover, the most natural form of antiperspirant deodorant is Alum stone !

How to limit perspiration?

Learn to manage your stress

Hey yes: let’s attack the evil at the root! Learn to master stressful situations. Evil of the century, stress must be evacuated so as not to pollute the normal functioning of your body. To evacuate your stress, you can do relaxation exercises and practice a sport. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and leisure every day, whether it is a physical or cultural activity.

Practice good hygiene habits

No offense to Louis XIV, the daily toilet remains the best way to fight against the smell of perspiration. Now that you know the areas rich in sweat glands, and because you have a sharp analytical mind, you understand that it is a good idea to focus on these areas when you wash in the shower. Of course, it is preferable to use a mild soap that respects the skin and its lipid film. It is also recommended to perform a body scrub once a week to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells.
When you get out of your shower, do not rush the drying: the humidity will create a maceration conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and mycoses. Dry yourself properly, and insist on the folds and recesses: under the armpits, between the toes…

Leave skimpy clothes in the closet

Here again, we are fighting against maceration! Your perspiration should evaporate. Clothing that is too tight and synthetic materials do not allow the ideal evacuation of perspiration. Go for natural materials like cotton, linen or wool. Yes, it’s more expensive, but in the end, you’ll save on detergent and deodorant! Because with synthetic materials, a vicious circle sets in: your sweat stays against your skin, heats up, and your temperature does not drop: you sweat again, and so on. For the feet, if you must wear socks, opt for 100% cotton socks and if you suffer from excessive perspiration, bring a spare pair.

Get rid of hair!

The apocrine sweat glands are attached to the hairs. They begin to function at puberty, when hair appears. Linked to sexual activity, this type of gland does not constantly secrete sweat. But in these areas, hair traps sweat and can cause odor. If you’re bothered by sweating in your armpits, chest, or around your anus, you can naturally reduce it with hair removal . By removing the hair, you allow your perspiration to evaporate more easily.

anti-sweat foods

Yes, what we eat and drink affects our perspiration. Certain nutrients stimulate energy metabolism. The body, in response to this reaction, will emit sweat. To reduce perspiration, avoid foods that contain caffeine: coffee, tea, chocolate… Also limit your consumption of alcohol, spicy dishes and finally, we will all come to the end: stop smoking.

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