Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) System of medicine at least 2200 years old that aims to prevent or heal disease by maintaining or restoring the balance of internal human body.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) System of medicine at least 2200 years old that aims to prevent or heal disease by maintaining or restoring the balance of internal human body.

The Haunting Moment That Changed My Life After Someone Told Me I Smell Horrific

Nobody likes unpleasant smells. Especially when its coming from you, or another person’s feet.

The fancy medical term is called “Bromhidrosis” – A chronic condition in which

excessive odor, usually an unpleasant one, emanates from the skin.

(But, I just call it, Smelly Ass Feet)

So once upon a time, I used to smell like sauerkraut and sardines…

Growing up my mom would force me to leave my shoes outside, I had to change my clothes as soon

as I stepped into the house, and jump straight into the bath because she couldn’t stand the awful


She even used to make fun of me by saying; Dennis you stink so bad…

“The chinese government could use your bath water for chemical weapons of destruction”

Kinda funny to be honest LOL

In her defence it wasn’t exactly a “light scent”

Especially those scorching hot days, and smelly situations

(like me forgetting my dripping wet shorts, in my room for 5 days after 2 hours of badminton)

“oh yeah, THOSE were …BAD! Mom was pissed”

But I would rather deal with THAT angry version of mom,

instead how people made me or my friend feel once we stepped out into public.

I had a friend with the same issue, but hers was a bit worse

One time she said;

“No matter how many showers I have, I use every deodorant out there,

and I STILL Stink. . . (she was a decent looking girl to),

I remember her desperately trying to fight off her tears as she continued to tell me:How she can’t comfortably talk to people or socialize, because she doesn’t want them to smell her,

or her armpits, plus not being able to talk to boys or have a relationship,

Because…. In her words

“Who “da fuq” wants to be with a smelly gal…?!? “


(A smelly guy for that matter…)

NO JOKE! People would move away from me on public transport too.

Imagine! Everywhere I went I was being judged for smelling, even though I’m

probably cleaner than them.

Sometimes I would overhear comments as well, definitely not nice ones.

But most times I spent my days thinking:

How my life would be so much better if I wasn’t infected by this curse!

Fast forward 10 years later. I was in my 3rd year of university In 1998,

majoring in economics, but minored in acupuncture and moxibustion therapy.

(Which is called Traditional Chinese medicine or – T.C.M for short.)

I used to apply acupuncture to my roommate

when they got their feet or hands knotted up, or twisted.

One day, my roommate got a bad fever, almost 40℃. I said I can treat you with acupuncture, he

agreed. After that I hit the: Dazhui Point, Shaoshang Point and Shangyang Point.

(Not sure if he was sweating from the forehead, because he was nervous, or the result of the

treatment, but as soon as I pulled them out his fever WAS GONE.)

That was 20+ years ago, but it was THAT moment which created my new found love with

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

(Who would have thought how important that moment in my life was, now with covid-19.)

Why do I say that? Because we’re learning quickly even though today, technology in Western

medicine is rapidly advancing.

When it comes to “healing the body”.It seems western medicine cannot hold a candle to our ancient ancestors with their intimate

knowledge of themselves and the planet. – due to an emphasis on prevention, self-healing, and

interaction of mind and body.

What’s interesting worth mentioning is that, (T.C.M) was suspended until 2 years ago, due to

covid, but since then I was able pick up, and master a few more skills involving the

“ancient healing arts”

Just to name a few:

Huangdi Neijing – (also The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine)

Shang Han Lun (also Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases),

Jingui Yaolue (also Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet),

Shennong Bencaojing (also The Classic of Herbal Medicine).

Our world today is struggling to control the side-effects of the modern drugs we use, and

continue to struggle to reduce people’s suffering. Which is why now I spend my time helping

people like you, and families reintroduce the benefits of natural Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Speaking of suffering, “the curse” – a.ka. “Bromhidrosis

Got passed unto my daughter. I couldn’t help but feel responsible and guilty. I

was never as mean to her as MY mom was to me, but her self-esteem was severely affected by

  1. At that moment, I vowed to myself to do whatever it takes to protect her. No


True story.

The smell was so foul, and bad that we had to wash her clothes separately,

because they smelled like rotten turtle soup with vinegar,

even after we took them out of the washing machine.

Another time she came home crying after a sleepover.

because she couldn’t stand her own stench to the point she woke up in the middle of the night to

wash, and scrub the smell off using the bathroom sink, since her friends were complaining about

how horrible the odour was.…Now

Keep in mind that she is 11 years old, and as her parents we tolerate it,

however like any father the last thing I want is for her to be disliked

by her friends or others.

Lucky for her Until recently that is.

Thankfully due to that “moment” with my roommate, and these powerful new techniques I


I was able to create this unique special powder that made my daughters cheesy underarm

odour, and my awful “feet smell” disappear like magic!

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To my fascination! It worked for my daughter in just 3-4 days.

By day 7 that powder bullied that sweat, and bacteria into submission,

And, more importantly, that embarrassing, disgusting odor Was gone completely.

Let me tell you

If you don’t resolve this issue immediately!

It’s only a matter of time before your girlfriend/boyfriend

breaks up with you,

or you lose some other important

relationship, like a client.

Or maybe…

People are talking shit about you at work, about how bad you stink.

Humiliating you behind closed doors. Worst part is, you secretly know

(but pretend like you don’t)

Imagine being a young girl/boy with sweaty feet, and smelly armpits.

Too shy and embarrassed to take off your shoes at a friend’s house, you

Go through different shoes every day, and change your socks every 3 hours.

Because a doctor said “ there’s nothing we can do about that”.

(We even caught her soaking her feet in warm water with bleach once)Since using _____Wesmile Odor Powder—->Which is pretty much a powder made up of natural

ingredients to quickly dry your sweat, and remove the smell.

We quickly found out, that horrific cheesy, smell that

Makes people want to cut off their nose, and run away from you is simply:

Bacteria and Fungus.

The bad news…

you have millions of bacteria having a feast eating your sweat,

And those bacteria are basically shitting all over you…

yes…POOPING on you…!!!

The Good news is…

That smell is “technically” not coming from you..PLUS i’m willing to let you try

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struggling with something as embarrassing as this. If I can help you comfortably

socialize again, I’m happy.

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Unless you need some more time to think about whether or not you

want to continue to have pounds of microscopic poop on your skin.

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Founder| Dennis