Wesmile Mineral Powder for Smelly Feet,Foot odor


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• Annoyance- Are you tired of the embarrassment of your smelly feet and shoes? Are you self-conscious and stressed about it? Well,we here at Wesmile have developed the cure and the end to eliminate your foot odor problem and bring your confidence back. Unlike other products out there that just temporarily mask over the smell, Wesmile Mineral Powder for feet Odor actually treats the source of the odor
• Usefulness-Do you wear leather work boots, dress shoes, sneakers, hockey skates, tennis shoes, dance shoes or athletic equipment and come home and put your feet up and the smell is out of control? Are your stinky, disgusting and sweaty feet the long-running joke? No longer and not anymore when you start using Wesmile Mineral Powder for feet Odor
• Confidence-: If you have tried all the other powders, sprays and magic insoles over the years and nothing has made a real difference then we dare you out of desperation to purchase and try Wesmile Mineral Powder for foot Odor and you too will become a believer!
• Effect Guranteed-Wesmile Mineral Powder for foot Odorhas been used by thousands of customers from allover the world,with 100% result on all of them. Many of them even got cured after a few months. See if you are lucky?
• Natural & Safe- Contains TCM natural Mineral and traditional herbal extracts to prevent allergies, safe and non-irritating to the skin, returning the skin to normal, refreshing and non-sticky. You will be more confident and have a better life.
• Aluminum Free-Wesmile Mineral Powder for foot Odor isn’t a chemistry experiment, and is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc. Natural deodorant contains naturally derived ingredients.
• Long-lasting Away From Odor- Deodorant without harmful chemicals, safe, healthy, lasting and no odor. It purifies the odor from the inside out.
• Usage-Wash and dry feet. Apply the powder to your feet and toes once a day for 7-14days. After that,use it once per week or only when the smell comes back.30g can be used from 3-6months.



20 gram, 30 gram

Customer Reviews

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KimberlyTop Contributor: Pets
Works Well!

This stuff is great. I wear sneakers every day at work and they can get a bit smelly, especially during the warmer months. I was looking for a product that would eliminate the stinky scent that happens after I've worn my sneakers for every day for weeks. I came across this product, read the reviews, and decided to give it a try. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I sprinkle enough in my shoe to cover the soles every day after work. Within minutes, the funky smell was gone. I wish that it had a bit more longevity so that I didn't have to sprinkle it in my shoes everyday but I really like that this stuff works as well as it does. I definitely plan on purchasing more in the future. If you have funky feet - YOU NEED THIS!

S. Leach

My locker at work started to smell so bad that it about knocked me down every time I would open it. I traced the odor to my work boots. I ordered this power off Amazon, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked even better than I had hoped. I just put some of the power in my boots, shook it around, and the unbearable odor was knocked down to barely noticeable levels almost instantly. I also put a open box of baking soda in my locker. After only 1 day, I am no longer ashamed to open my locker. The only thing that would make this stuff better, is if it came in a spray can.

One of the best Product

First of all let me start by saying that I'm embarrassed to admit that a 45 year old like me is been dealing with a serious case of sweaty, stinky feet my whole life ☹️. Now the good news: after trying a lot, and a mean a LOT of different products that promise to help but they don't, I decided, out of desperation, to do a random search on amazon to see if I could find anything that could help me out, well, I came across this little jewel by chance, read some reviews that said it works so I thought I'd give it a try, well people, this little marvel works!! I have finally found something that works!! I can finally take of my shoes at the end of the day with confidence, some say it's expensive, it may be, but I don't care 'cause it really works, after a lifetime of embarrassment I no longer fear taking my shoes off and that people, it's priceless, god bless the manufacturers.

I love this product

This stuff is amazing. I've used so many mainstream products from the store like odoreaters, gold Bond, Dr scholls, etc and there have always been a few constants: squishy slimy mess of powder that turned into a paste, and a smell of chemicals mixed with foot stink. I work as a contractor and wear boots all day. Sometimes I have to take my boots off to access part of a customer's home with carpet for example. It was always incredibly embarrassing. My wife made me leave my boots downstairs because they would fumigate the bedroom. I finally tried this stuff and oh my goodness...First of all, after twelve hours I took my boots and socks off and my feet were bone dry and the powder was still on my foot in powder form. No slimy mush. Bone dry. Second of all, there was no smell at all. Not a chemical smell, not a stank smell, not a mix, just no smell. I was flabbergasted. The other thing is that it seemed to remove the existing odor from my boots. They had no smell either. I have been using it ever since. I mean it is like magic. The smell of the powder right out of the bottle is very subtle, almost floral, but very light. At the end of the day, there is no smell at all. I'm guessing the effectiveness comes from the fact that it's using arrowroot as the main ingredient instead of talcum powder or corn starch. It's the first product I've used that actually works, and works every time. Side note: This is better than catnip to my cat. If I get any sprinkle on the floor, he starts rolling his head in it and flopping joyfully around the room. He sticks his head in my shoes or grabs my dirty sock and goes completely crazy like his having a wild trip. Very amusing. Anyway...yes, buy it.

Adam O.
One of the Best

I found this powder while trying to source a foot powder without the potential health risks associated with mainstream foot powders. I had never dealt with foot odor until a change in diet or medication brought it on (strange for sure but that is all I can narrow it down too). I had sweaty feet and general bad odor but no fungus or skin issues to deal with. After trying a few traditional big name powders, which worked well but not for long, had strong odors & the potential health side effects, I tried this one. At risk of sounding ridiculous - it was like magic powder! It is unbelievably effective, scent-free, safe, and long-lasting. I see no reason why I will ever switch to anything else.